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Joseph "Joe" Geller

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"Former State Representative Joseph “Joe” Geller Announces Bid for Miami-Dade County School Board!"

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Distinguished attorney and former state representative Joseph “Joe” Geller has announced his bid for Miami-Dade County School Board, District 3.


Representative Joe Geller said: “Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Miami-Dade County School Board because I believe in the transformative power of public education to shape our future. With a proven track record as a dedicated public servant, having served in various elected roles at both the state and local levels, I bring unique experience to the table and feel I am well positioned to lead at this critical moment for education in Florida’s history. My mission will be to ensure every child receives a quality education, and to strengthen our bonds with parents and communities while championing our teachers. Miami-Dade has A+ schools because we have A+ educators and staff. Now we must ensure we have A+ schools and facilities to match. Together, we will work toward the promise of a brighter tomorrow where all our students have the opportunity to succeed.”


“I was proud to speak at last Wednesday’s School Board meeting, where I raised my voice in support of LGBTQ+ History Month, and equality, fairness, and acknowledging and protecting vulnerable children and other members of our education community. I was so proud of our School Board member Lucia Baez-Geller for leading the effort, and it resolved me even more to make sure that we do not suffer a leadership gap on the School Board in the wake of her decision to not seek reelection to the Board. I pledge to be an outspoken voice in support of the issues we hold dear, and to provide continued leadership to make our public schools better and more inclusive.”

Joseph “Joe” Geller is a prominent Democratic leader known for his service in the Florida House of Representatives, where he represented the 100th District for four consecutive terms from 2014 to 2022. During his tenure, Geller consistently fought for progressive causes and demonstrated a commitment to bridging divides in his bi-county district. During his time in the House, Geller was a member of the Education Committee as well as the K-8 Subcommittee, where he was the ranking Democrat. He also served as vice-chair of the Legislative Progressive Caucus. As a state representative, Geller advocated for freedom of speech, school safety, and reproductive freedom. Additionally, he sought to implement stricter gun laws, pushing for universal background checks, expanded red-flag laws and magazine limitations. He supports teaching real history, protecting vulnerable groups, and preserving parental rights while ensuring radical extremists don't impose their will on the rest of us parents.


Previously, Geller served as a two-term Mayor of North Bay Village and long-time Chair of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party.

In his forty plus years practicing law, Geller, a partner at Greenspoon Marder, has served as the City Attorney for the City of Opa-Locka, the Town Attorney for the Town of Miami Lakes and the Town of Golden Beach and the City Attorney for the City of North Bay Village. He currently serves as the Village Attorney for the Village of El Portal and the Town Attorney for Bay Harbor Islands. Geller has also served as the Southeast Regional President of the American Jewish Congress, on the boards of Kids Voting and the Women’s Emergency Network (WEN) and as long-time pro bono counsel for Movimiento Democracia.


Geller resides in Aventura with his wife, Betty Pedraza Geller, and 16-year-old daughter, Michelle, a junior at the city-owned Don Soffer Aventura High School.


The election for Dade County School Board will take place on Tuesday, August 20, 2024.



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